Tuesday, 30 March 2010

003: Rozanne Hawksley - Textile Art

I am literally blogging while waiting for paint to dry. :D

and lead us not (detail) 1987-1989
Et ne non inducas (And lead us not),1987 – 1989 (Detail)

I came across Rozanne Hawksley's work in "Creating Sketchbooks for Embroiderers and Textiles Artists" and fell in love with her beautiful, highly detailed, emotive and singularly morbid (yay!) work.  I felt particularly moved by her pieces concerning difficult topics such as death, religion, birth control and war. As her website states, her work is based on the themes of  life - "love and loss, war and suffering, isolation and the abuse of power, by focusing in on intimate details of what they mean to a specific individual."  I think she has a wonderful renaissance style - many Tudor and Jacobean elements coming through and I love the way she uses her materials like iconography, wood and bones to communicate. Very inspiring also that she is still working into her seventies.

Here is a photograph I took of some early 17thC gauntlets at the Fashion Museum in Bath to compare with her piece, "Et ne non inducas and lead us not", which follows on.
Late Tudor & Jacobean Gloves

et ne non inducas and lead us not 1987 1989
Et ne non inducas (And lead us not),1987 – 1989

More of her work below the cut -

bye bye baby 2008
Bye Bye Baby: take one every morning, 2008

sir galahad 1987-2008(1)
Sir Galahad, 1997-2008
i will fly south for mathew 1995 -97(3)
I will fly south... For Mathew, 1995-97

He always wanted to be a soldier I, 2006

Penitence I: the garter of penance, 2006-07

pale armistice
Pale Armistice

virgin with child 1992(3)
Virgin with child, 1992

get thee to the nunnery
Get thee to a nunnery, 2006

Rozanne Hawksley's studio 
There's many more examples of her work on her website - http://www.rozannehawksley.com but unfortunately it takes a long time to load as some of the pages contain photos which are 6000px + ! Even my lovely Mac, which can usually handle anything and everything I throw at it, kicked up a stink. I saved some of her work for research and posted them on my flickr in the hope that more people would be as inspired by this artist as I am. You can find Rozanne on my flickr set - HERE


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