Wednesday, 14 July 2010

010: Alexander McQueen F/W 09

Runway shot:

More Alexander McQueen. I find his designs fascinating to draw because obviously when you study something so intensely when you're drawing, you get a better idea of how incredible the design really is.

The print of amazing. Probably my favourite print ever. It's just so fun and bold. Only McQueen could think of making a traditional print turn into a flock of birds. It's a very subtle shift from a Dior-esque herringbone from the shoulder to a plus sign, to a bird so you get that flock of magpies/crows on the skirt. The shape of the dress as well is wonderful. The "poofy" hips reminiscent of panniers of the 18thC or of a robe à la Polonaise.

It was unsurprisingly tricky and time consuming to sketch out the tessellating print. Thankfully as it broke down into birds it became much easier and much more fun to draw. I'm not sure I got the herringbone print down properly but I hope you get the idea.

As a last blah, I really love/hate the makeup with this collection: the oversized lips. Not because it's a bit disturbing, like an alien clown, but because I think it detracts a bit from the dress.

Pencil, blue coloured pencil, pen, watercolour in a moleskine watercolour pad.


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