Friday, 10 December 2010

Snow, work spaces and psycho walls

Long time no post! Truthfully, I've been a bit shell-shocked with the first term of University to think about blogging.

Well, it's very snowy in Cornwall - all over Britain in fact. We're a nation of people who are unable to cope with any extreme weather so these mysterious flakes of white stuff falling from the sky always cause havoc. Most people haven't been able to go anywhere, including me, as the roads are too unsafe. Result = cabin fever.

One of my chickens, Gregory Peck Von Cluck stocking up on carbs.

The good part of being snowbound is that I've been able to catch up with journalling my stuff and blogging. It also gave me a chance to sort out a new workspace. It's very basic and somehow is constantly messy no matter how hard I try to keep it organised.

It's ma mess.
Told you it was a bombsite.

Year 1 Monotone Shirtdress Project
Here's my current work for Uni. I'll be posting about this next time.

Essentially just pretty things. Family photos, cranes, gig tickets and illustrations.

moodwall/wall of loveliness
Batman tries to help.

I have a problem with sticking photos all over the place. My mother also does the same thing on a smaller scale. I call it a "psycho wall" since unfortunately it's a common thing for nutters to have in films. LOL! Also, Joe Orton and Kenneth Halliwell did this and that didn't end well, did it? Oh dear, I must find a psychologist and find out what collage walls signify.

Joe Orton in his collaged flat in Islington.

My "Psycho" wall
I still love my moodwall.

My "Psycho" walls.

My "Psycho" walls.
I found one of my mum's old passports from when she was 15 so that now lives on the wall.

So there's a little tour of my workspace. An actual work related post soon. Hope you're all keeping warm and well. Laura xxx


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