Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Photographs: 19th - 26th September 2011

In reality, sheep are brave, enlightened
and sassy. They are walking clouds
and like clouds have forgotten
how to jump. As lambs they knew.
Lambs jump because in their innocence
they still find grass exciting.
Some turf is better for tiptoeing
say the lambs. Springy meadows
have curves which invite fits
of bouncing and heel-kicking
to turn flocks of lambs
into demented white spuds boiling in the pot...

I prefer the grown sheep: even when damp
she is brave, enlightened and sassy,
her eye a kaleidoscope of hail and farewell,
her tail her most eloquent organ of gesture.
When she speaks, it is time to tell me
that she is under a spell, polluted.
Her footwear has been stolen
and the earth rots her feet.
In reality she walks across the sky
upside-down in special pumps.

- Lies, Jo Shapcott

I've been taking my camera around with me on my travels again lately and here are some photos I've taken over the last week. It's easy to forget how fortunate I am to live in such a beautiful place. You do end up taking it for granted. By having a camera though, you do look at things differently. You are actively looking for beauty and interest, and when you're open to it, not distracted by everyday worries, it's really not at all difficult to find.

Some of my favourites are the sheep at Towednack and the prayer tree at Gunwalloe church.I'd love to take photographs of all the prayers on the tree and compile them. There's something very humbling about it. All those wishes.

Your visions made of flesh and light.

And you’re trying to smile. And they’re trying to smile.

the horses running until they forget that they are horses.

How it was late, and no one could sleep

Things happen all the time, things happen every minute that have nothing to do with us.

You deserve it, you do, and you know this

An act of faith against the night.

Here I am leaving you clues

I’ll give you my heart to make a place

That means it's noon, that means we're inconsolable.

A whisper system.

We know how the light works.

The windows are painted shut.


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