Friday, 23 September 2011

Shipwreck Shirtdress: Design

Our first project of Year 1 of the Fashion Design BA was to design something based on a shirt or shirtdress and picking a theme from a list. I chose Future Heirloom, as did many of my friends, as it seems very open to interpretation and also suggests a reference to history. Other rules of the design included incorporating a monotone colour palette, plackets and contrast stiching.

I based my design on a family heirloon - a maritime tapestry from the early 1800s. The ship in the tapestry sank a few years after the date on the sampler, so that led me to researching photographs of tall ship shipwrecks, the sails especially. I didn't want anything that was too obviously derived from shipwrecks, so I kept working through it until I was happy with the above design. I'm working on making it at the moment for the second time, using a different fabric. Last week I finished drafting the pattern from draping on a mannequin. Hopefully I'll get it a toile done within the next week and then onto the final make. I would love to see this professionally photographed on a beach with a romantic looking model. I'm quite excited about this design really, even a year on after I originally designed it.


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