Saturday, 31 December 2011

Interview with the Vampire Mixtape

Scary cover. Yes.

I've been reading Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles again lately. Very Christmassy, I know. I remember it being a bit of a revelation for me when I was at school so rereading them has been wonderful. Lestat is one of the greatest characters in modern fiction in my opinion (although I think he becomes a bit of a drip further into the series) and Tom Cruise plays him perfectly in the film of Interview with a Vampire. Let's not mention the film of Queen of the Damned. Good grief. Let's just pretend that didn't happen. Anyway, my point is, Rice's vampires are proper vampires and they DON'T SPARKLE! Ahem. 

The film of Interview with a Vampire made me obsessive about costume design, which led into fashion design, so it's been quite formative in retrospect. Lestat is a bit of a style icon for me. He's wonderful. In the books, he suddenly forgets about the plot in favour of a long description of what he's wearing. 

So, over Christmas, my Mum and I decided that instead of playing charades, we should make a mixtape for the first book as she's also been reading them. There's hardly any gothic music on it, so there's a plus. No apologies for the inclusion of a Queen song because no one should ever have to apologise for using a Queen song on a mixtape.

Download link, photos (gory and otherwise so don't say I didn't warn you), lyrics and all kinds of rubbish under the cut. Some of the images are spoiler-ish if you haven't seen the film.

So now my holidays have ended so I'll stop making mixtapes and get back to drawing and exciting things again. 

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2012 is a good one for you. xxx

Friday, 23 December 2011

Don't Go to Strangers...

Misc Photos 2011

Misc Photos 2011







Miscellaneous recent-ish photos. I really should take more photos but since we seem to get about half an hour of daylight at the moment (I might be exaggerating) I just haven't gotten around to it. I'm hoping to take some photos of the Mousehole Christmas lights and post them before Christmas. Until then, I hope you're looking forward to the holiday. xxx

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Vintage Knitters

Every December I start knitting again. It's not something I feel like doing during the summer months but a resolution for the new year is to finish at least one pair of the dozens of half-made socks and gloves I have lying around. I found some photos of famous knitters to inspire me.

These photos came from flickr,, pinetrest, thisismarilyn, selfish-company and corbis.