Thursday, 12 January 2012

Sherlock - Irene Adler's Costumes

Like many people, I'm a bit Sherlock mad at the moment. The second series of the BBC series has just started here in the UK (well, the final episode airs on Sunday), so I thought I'd do a post on Irene Adler's character from episode one, "A Scandal in Belgravia". Irene had a femme fatale style, so I couldn't resist.

 Thankfully I found a site called Wear Sherlock which is dedicated to identifying all costumes and props shown in the series, so here I am, shamelessly stealing their information. I hope they don't mind. Their site is a fantastic treasure trove and I highly recommend that you visit it.

Going by the prices of Irene's clothes and bits and bobs, like all the other characters in the series, she obviously has very deep pockets, especially for her phone. These things ain't cheap, but would we expect any less?

Phone: Vertu Constellation Quest smart phone £17,300 / $26,835 (LINK)
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Big Stack 120 pumps  £495 / $763 (LINK)
Dress: Alexander McQueen 'Illusion' Sheath Dress £1,112 / $1,725 (LINK)

I love this dress. I'm not the biggest fan of Sarah Burton's work but this is gorgeous, sophisticated choice by the costume designer. The faux bolero adds a military and slightlyVictorian feel while still being very contemporary.

I was quite taken by Irene's make up so I took a few screencaps. It's a bit of a modern film noir look - foundation, blusher, a very subtle sweep of grey eyeshadow through the socket and winging under her eyes, mascara, aqua eyeliner instead of typical black, and red lips.

These make up suggestions are just what I would choose to get this sort of look. The BBC make up team probably used liquid eyeliner but ho hum. This eyeliner looks very like liquid eyeliner, but has the bonus of being a pencil. Happy days. 

The eyes reminded me of Mermaiden's recent tutorial for Anna Karina's make up in Une Femme est une Femme, 1961. 

 Milani's Liquif-Eye Metallic Eye Liner in 'Aqua'.

Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in 'Passion' is a appropriately siren-esque colour. A bit of a darker and blue-ish shade than this red shown above and a much closer to whatever was used in the series.

I've since spoken to the wonderful Megan Cumberwire (for that is her name) and she suggested Mac liquid or gel eyeliner in 'Aqualine' and an alternative by GOSH which is a bit cheaper - Extreme Art Eyeliner in 11 Aqua which "is identical".Thanks Megan!

Oh, and the Irene's riding crop is apparently the same one used by Sherlock in the mortuary in series 1.

Mark Todd Braided Leather Riding Crop £33 / $51 (LINK)

At last! Something affordable and useful!

Thanks again to Wear Sherlock. Bookmark/follow that site!


Kailey said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Eee what a perfect post! Though I am not exactly thrilled with how they ended her episode, I loved Irene Adler's look and personality as well - they definitely made her into an interesting character! Also, I am so pleased you were reminded of my post! :D

Danielle de la Mont said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I was really impressed by the blue eyeliner, I hadn't seen it worn quite like that before - it looked surprisingly modern on Pulver.

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