Thursday, 23 February 2012


I have swapped a terrible addiction for coffee for a terrible addiction to herbal teas at the moment, especially ones with pretty packaging. 

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Style Icons - The GTOs

The GTOs (standing for "Girls Together Outrageously") were a group in the late 60s consisting of Miss Pamela (Pamela Ann Miller, later Pamela Des Barres), Miss Sparky (Linda Sue Parker), Miss Lucy (Lucy Offerall, later Lucy McLaren), Miss Christine (Christine Frka), Miss Sandra (Sandra Lynn Rowe, later Sandra Leano), Miss Mercy (Mercy Fontenot, aka Judith Edra Peters) and Miss Cynderella (Cynthia Wells, later Cynthia Cale-Binion). 

I love how imaginative and unique they are. I found some quotes from them about their style in an old magazine article. I think it's very inspiring, especially given the current "make and mend" philosophy online. The craft and DIY blogs around are so inspiring.

"Miss Christine sews most of her clothes, including the basic silver-with-glitter number (see photo below with pink velvet overcoat). 'The way people dress is too plain, too simple.' The GTOs do not dress plainly or simply. Obviously."

"Miss Cynderella - 'We were all weird in high school. We first got together and became friends because of the way we dressed.' GTO clothes are found in thrift shops, antique stores, and Good Will boutiques, then put together with maximum imagination. Their favourite clothes supplier is the Glass Farmhouse in Los Angeles, where items range from fifty cents to five dollars (some things are higher) and where the girls found most of the sartorial splendour."

"Miss Sandra spends 'a while' on her eye and navel makeup. The first GTO album will materialize any day now, with the probable title of Permanent Damage. Sandra's baby will materialize later. It probably won't be called Permanent Damage. (If it's a boy it will be Crayon, if it's a girl, Crayola.)" - I found out that she called her baby girl, Raven in the end. *breathes a sigh of relief* :)

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Favourite things since my last post

1. Dyeing my hair. (This photo was taken a few months ago during my "blue period" but this is a regular occurrence. :D) Might stick with blonde for now though.
2. My studio space being reasonably tidy.
3. Gregory Peck on the warpath.
4. Working! My sketch of the Vogue UK cover for March. (link)
5. Lomography!
6. This photo of one of my dogs, Pook!
7. Driving at night.
8. Truro Cathedral and the surrounding mish-mash of architecture.
9. Caving in and buying an iPhone.

It's been a while since I last posted but I've had a lot of unblogworthy things going on lately. In a fit of organisation, I've decided to move posts on my own illustration work to another blog - I've also been busy with work and sorting a new site for my portfolio using Behance Pro. It's much cleaner and easier to update and I highly recommend it for anyone with an online portfolio. It's as painless as it gets and very reasonable.

Finally, it's been html a go-go on all fronts as I've also had a tweak of this blog to try and pretty it up a bit. Seeing all the beautiful, inspiring blogs on the interwebz has made me think that I should make more of an effort with mine and give it more direction. I'd like to have more dressmaking and crafting posts on here so hopefully that will show in upcoming posts.

The other exciting thing is that I'm writing a book with my mum! No, really! It's a collection of ghost stories from the area I live in so we're busy compiling, researching, writing, visiting places, taking photos and illustrating. We have a really clear idea in our heads of what we would like the book to be like and it's something a bit different to the norm, I think, and in a good way! My mum brought me up on ghost stories (which explains a lot of my general weirdness) so it's really lovely to be creating my own book as a joint effort with her.

Hope you're all keeping well. Take care. xxx

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Enid Coleslaw

 "I can't relate to 99% of humanity."

Really quick sketch of Enid Coleslaw from Ghost World for Bearded Eloise. The sketch got wrecked by my insane dog who trampled all over it with muddy paws. I don't think it's a tragedy of the modern age, it just means I have to draw another Enid.