Monday, 21 May 2012

Churchyards and Pirates

I went to Gulval churchyard to find the grave of a pirate with an unfortunate name. I found it, but was even more impressed by the churchyard as a whole. It's very overgrown and beautiful. The poor caretakers must have given up the fight in the older sections.

John 'Eyebrows' Thomas was a pirate and smuggler of Marazion, Cornwall. When he died in 1733, Marazion parish refused to bury him and paid nearby Gulval church to do the honours instead. His grave featured a skull (with eyebrows!) and crossbones.

Around the headstone there was a very odd inscription which I can't figure out. Maybe someone had been at the rum? I'll have to go back to make sure that I've got it right.

Want excel ill you would live be loud and die to well stand to imitate him 

The rest reads:

John Thomas of Marazion Who left this life for A Better on Sunday y. 16th day of december 1733 And In y 62. year of his Age

Gulval Churchyard

Gulval Churchyard Pirate's Grave

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