Sunday, 5 January 2014

Wind From The West

Hello and Happy New Year! So, I've been away for a long time and you probably don't remember who I am, but I'm back again. Excuse-wise, I wasn't really online much at all for most of 2013 for various reasons. Now I have a lot of emails and where-the-bloody-hell-are-you-are-you-still-alive? messages to reply to, because I literally dropped off the face of the earth. Oh well.

I hope you're all well and starting the year off the way you'd like it to continue. I have a few plans for posts here, such as raving in awe about the lovely Kendra Bean's beautiful book, Vivien Leigh: An Intimate Portrait, a few other film history books I've picked up over the last year, a kind of retrospective for Joan Fontaine and Peter O'Toole, and photos my new puppy, Plum.

But to make this pointless 'hello' post worthwhile, here's part of a sketch by the great Stanley Baxter, who's a fairly new discovery for me. After seeing this in a documentary about him over Christmas I thought, wow, I'd post that if I had a blog. Then I remembered that I do have a blog, so here it is: 'Wind from the West', a parody of 'Gone with the Wind'.


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I'm glad you are back!

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